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Intimacy exhibition /亲密
Contemporary French photography exhibition in Beijing
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French culture is, since long well known in China. Exhibitions take place in local and national museums as well as in big and small art galleries. Alas, this is, to our knowledge, the first show in Beijing’s Jiu Chang Art District – and it is West-East Gallery′s second show. Indeed, it feels appropriate to exhibit a group of artists from Europe. To say that the gang of four are particularly Parisien, is neither true nor interesting: when it comes to the nitty-gritty, they might not even be particularly French.

With today’s international experiences and exchanges, the language of art is hardly national but bridges over and between cultures, nations and individuals. Jean.Robert Franco′s years in the U.S. might have given him an American touch, Francoise Anger′s and Ludovic De Vita’s respective years in China has certainly had an influence on them, Steven Bernas ′ background as French-Anglo-Saxon might have created an ambiance of itself.

And, good people, don’t take my word for it. Come and see for yourself. Impressions are, after all, in the mind of the beholder.

Lennart Utterstroem


法国文化很久以前就被中国所熟知, 各 种展览不断在地方、国家的美术馆和大 大小小的画廊举办。这一次, 是在北京 的酒厂艺术区的第一次展览, 也是东 西画廊的第二个展览, 事实上, 我们的 画廊很适合展览一系列欧洲艺术家的作 品。

如果说这四位参展艺术家是纯正的巴黎 人, 既不准确也没有意义: 真实情况 是, 他们甚至不是纯粹的法国人。随着 今天国际化的经验和交流, 艺术语言很 难用国籍来定义, 而更像是跨越文化、 国家和个人之间的桥梁。J e a n - R o b e r t F r a n c o多年的美国经历,让他的艺术创 作有一个美国式的触觉,L u d o v i c D e V i t a和F r a n c o i s e A n g e r多年与中国的 接触当然会给他们很深的影响,S t e v e n B e r n a s有着法-英-萨克逊的背景,会呈 现出属于他的一种氛围。

亲爱的人们, 不要只是听我这么说, 过 来亲眼看一看。印象, 终究, 是旁观者 的态度。

Lennart Utterstroem

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