D’un bout du monde à l’autre

Une exposition collective d’artistes asiatiques à Paris.

The collective exhibition, “From One End of The World to The Other” gives the opportunity to discover and exchange the works of Chinese artists, chosen for their commitment and demand in the context of modernization and development which China must face.

China, this distant world that one never ceases to imagine of, looked upon in different perspectives, refreshes itself with the touches of the works of the emerging artists who are all about their creativities. Sitting around a glass of green tea, let us stride along the fresh cellars of Gallery 24B and break free to the realization of this world, at last, in its complexity.

Like how we would do it in our gallery in Beijing, the spirit of modernity and the traditions of Guqin notation or languorous electro-Beijing’s synthesis, the exhibition offers an unprecedented opportunity, in this summer time, for all of us together, to come and try to grasp a piece of this changing world that astonishes and fascinates us.

Participating artists :
Li Baoxun 李宝荀 – Li Shigong 李世公 – Liu Tao 刘涛 – Luo Wei 罗苇 – Shen Shaomin 沈少民 – Wang Kaicheng 王开诚 – Zhang Quan 张诠